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Corporate health management: secret weapon for your HR work

Are your colleagues in good health and motivated - or does the team only get hot when various niggles are discussed? Whether employees are willing and able to perform depends on their physical well-being. This is where corporate health management comes in. In this article, you will learn how you can use corporate health to make good use of corporate health.

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The health of employees is an essential economic factor for companies. Sure, because illness-related absences slow down added value and at the same time drive up costs. For continued remuneration alone, bosses in Germany had to turn around 60 billion euros in 2017.

What alone would be a valid reason for health promotion in the company is supplemented by further arguments in the course of New Work. Because the younger generation of workers has a new understanding of how they want to live and work.

“The health trend is getting bigger and bigger in private life and many employees want to harmonize it with their job. The pressure on companies is growing accordingly, ”says Jonas Höhn, health enthusiast and founder of the health company detoxRebels. Because in order to score points with bright minds now and in the future and to set themselves apart from competitors, companies must invest in the well-being of their employees. One solution for this: corporate health management.

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What is corporate health management?

Occupational health management (BGM for short) is by definition a precisely planned, strategic process that is composed of measures for occupational health promotion, occupational safety and occupational integration management.

As a strategic HR tool, it aims to strengthen and maintain the health and motivation of employees in the long term - for example by improving working conditions or the working environment. Of course, corporate health management and its measures do not miss the point. The activities carried out are regularly checked and adjusted using analysis tools such as employee surveys or psychological risk assessment.

Company health management or company health promotion?

In practice, the terms are often used synonymously, but workplace health promotion (WHP) is only a sub-area of ​​workplace health management (WHM). While the focus of the BGF is the active support of employee health, corporate health promotion is rooted as a superordinate discipline in personnel management and organizational development.

What are the advantages of corporate health management?

Company health management - especially company health promotion - is an ideal HR tool because it supports important strategic initiatives: from employee loyalty to employer branding.

1) Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty

In a survey of 1,538 employees, 85% of those questioned saw themselves valued by a WHM offer from their employer, a large proportion confirmed that they feel more connected to the company. The mechanism behind it is simple: “Employees and the company have a kind of relationship,” explains Jonas Höhn. "If your partner shows you how great you are every day, it will affect the quality of the relationship."

2) Reduced costs

Sick workers cost companies a fortune: lost production in the US alone amounted to $ 530 billion in 2018. Occupational health and safety as well as company integration management (BEM) are intended to provide a remedy: Their purpose is to reduce the risk of accidents in the office to a minimum and to reintegrate long-term employees productively into everyday operations.

3) More positive corporate culture, better working atmosphere

Flexible and collegial cooperation is particularly important in agile companies. "Healthy employees not only deal better with change, they pay attention to themselves and their colleagues in a completely different way." Jonas Höhn knows that from his own experience. The working atmosphere also influences the way in which people work (together) in the company - and that can be improved by an average of 32% through corporate health activities.

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4) Increased efficiency

Healthy employees are more productive and creative. For a study by the University of Bristol, 201 workers took part in a daily exercise program. On the active days, 21% and 25% of the test persons were able to concentrate better and longer on their tasks, 41% felt more motivated. Scientists at Stanford University also found that even moderate exercise is enough to stimulate creativity.

5) Improved competitiveness

Yoga sessions, healthy cooking evenings, a flexible home office policy: the measures of corporate health management are ideal fodder for employer branding activities. They strengthen the attractiveness of the employer and score points with the millennial generation. It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to find suitable candidates - this is precisely why corporate health management is suitable for differentiating oneself from competitors.

Measures and implementation of WHM

If you want to offer corporate health management in your company, you should first clarify a few questions:

  • Where are we currently in terms of occupational health? (Status quo)
  • What do we want to achieve with WHM? (aims)
  • Which measures are right for us? (selection)
  • What do we need to implement these measures? (resources)
  • Do these measures really help us to achieve our goals? (Evaluation)

Take a look at what your current problems are. For example, are the sickness rates in the company disproportionately high? Are employees stressed and unmotivated? Are there any health-promoting activities that you are already doing - and how well are they being accepted? Then set specific goals, such as reducing the number of sick days or improving your employer branding. Very important: Don't just use BGM because everyone is doing it. Make yourself aware of how BGM can meaningfully support your company.

“In order to select suitable measures for corporate health, you have to be aware of the principles and values ​​in the company,” explains Jonas Höhn. “Do you only receive recognition for those employees who work without breaks and still write emails at 11pm? The fact is: BGM is also a matter of culture and mindset. "

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Healthy breakfast or running groups: Many BGM measures are easy to implement.

Find out which activities are right for your company. Would you do your backache-plagued employees the greatest favor with standing desks? Or by banning the candy vending machine and offering healthy and tasty snacks instead? Then think about the resources and structures you need for the successful introduction of corporate health in your company and get started.

10 corporate health measures for SMEs

  • Flexible working hours (e.g. home office, flextime)
  • Cooperation with fitness studios and wellness service providers
  • Working environment with daylight, plants, retreat areas
  • Training courses for executives on the subject of "healthy leadership"
  • Standing desks, ergonomic sitting balls, etc.
  • In-house yoga and running groups
  • Encouragement to take active breaks
  • Fresh fruit and healthy snacks
  • Offers for coping with stress, relaxation, conflict resolution
  • Regular health surveys

“Many measures for corporate health management can be implemented with little effort,” says Jonas Höhn from detoxRebels. “Then, for example, 70% organic food is served in the canteen. Other companies encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator by adding motivational slogans to the stairwell. ”

Jonas ’tips for successful BGM

With detoxRebels, Jonas Höhn develops innovative, holistic, health-promoting concepts for companies.

  1. Get creative! You don't have to constantly expand your offer - just do something different instead. Always bring new impulses to pull employees out of their rut. Surprise your team, otherwise the measures will lose their success in the long term.
  2. Communicate WHM offers in an attractive and modern way! Many employees may not even know which activities and offers they could benefit from. Here, too, come up with something and try to arouse enthusiasm for the health-promoting measures.

It doesn't always have to be more, it just has to be different!

- Jonas Höhn

The final step is to see if your activities are bearing fruit. To do this, refer to your previously defined key figures, for example

  • Absenteeism due to illness
  • Accidents at work
  • Employee turnover
  • productivity
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Participation in health-promoting measures
  • etc.

How have the numbers changed? Are there any positive tendencies? Regularly conducting surveys also helps you to measure the success of your measures in company health management.

Occupational health management in the jurisprudence

There is often a lack of clarity about the legal framework for occupational health management. Two answers you should know.

Are WHM measures mandatory for employers?

Measures for corporate health management are useful, but generally not mandatory. Basic obligations from the Occupational Safety and Health Act are an exception. On the basis of the risk assessment, employers must examine real dangers as well as the causes of psychological stress in the workplace and, if in doubt, eliminate them (Section 3 (1) ArbSchG). The Workplace Ordinance or the Hazardous Substances Ordinance also form a legally binding framework for your company health management.

Are there taxes for WHM measures?

The state supports health-promoting behavior on the part of the employer. That is why activities within the framework of the BGM that aim to promote the health of employees are tax-exempt - per employee up to an amount of 500 euros per year (Section 3 EStG). For this, however, the measures of company health management must be certified in accordance with the requirements of §§ 20 and 20b SGB V.


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