What jobs are there at an airport

Abi ... and then?

The airport has a great attraction for young people - as an international workplace, it offers a variety of attractive jobs that UNICUM ABI introduces to you.

Dream job as a pilot

If you want to become a pilot, you should be philanthropist: The composition of the crew changes constantly - different personalities have to get along in a confined space. Good general knowledge, resilience and self-confidence are further requirements.

The captain must remain calm during the flight so that there is no panic among the passengers. The training, which is preceded by an aptitude test, costs around 60,000 euros and takes two years. Contents are for example physics, Aerodynamics, aircraft construction and physical exercises.

Lufthansa and Air Berlin operate their own flight schools. With well-known airlines this is Starting salary 60,000 euros gross per year, there is also a variable remuneration component.

Earn miles as a flight attendant

Flight attendants are the good souls in the cockpit - in order to maintain harmony on board, they are ideally characterized by friendliness and a talent for communication; when it comes to turbulence, physical skill is required, care when checking the safety regulations. Language talents have particularly great opportunities, because smooth conversations should be possible with international passengers. The training lasts just six to twelve weeks.

Safe on the ground: a wide range of airport jobs

Exciting activities also await you down on the ground. Christian Engel, spokesman at Fraport, explains: "The variety is enormous and everyday life is international. The airport is not a classic workplace like an authority or a school. The people here identify very much with their job - and they are interested in the big one wide world."

Jobs can be found in the following areas Gastronomy, hygiene, security, ground traffic or Aircraft loading. Work in the tower Air traffic controllerswho act as the right hand of the pilots and control air traffic. For the three-year training, excellent knowledge of English and spatial imagination are elementary.

Since an airport also has to be managed, Fraport offers exciting trainee programs in which talents can get an overview of the different areas at the airport. in the Fraport career portal be next Trainee programs also Internships written out.

Organize the best trip

Travel agents who work at the airport advise customers interested in last-minute offers. Her tasks also include the sale of scheduled flights, correspondence with tour operators and the implementation of marketing campaigns at the point of sale.

The special difference to the "usual" travel agent is the work on weekends. The training lasts three years and includes, for example, customer communication, travel contract law, reservation systems and bookkeeping. According to the Federal Employment Agency, aspiring travel agents earn between EUR 535 (1st year of training) and EUR 822 (3rd year of training) in their training.

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