Where can I watch Japanese TV programs



Receiving Japanese television in Germany is almost impossible because the satellites that transmit Japanese television are below the horizon in Germany and can therefore not be reached. But there are exceptions - if you live in Berlin, for example, it may be possible to receive Asian satellites, since Berlin is more to the east than Düsseldorf, for example.

But it is still very difficult to receive from Japanese TV channels, as you need a very large satellite dish (approx. 1.50m and more) and usually a C-band LNB.

But there is hope!

If you really want to receive Japanese television, then you shouldn't forget the names of the TV stations "JSTV 1" and "JSTV 2". This is a TV station that broadcasts Japanese TV to Europe! The station cuts programs from various Japanese stations and can be received via the Hotbird satellite - and that with a normal satellite dish (approx. 60-80 cm).

However, this is a pay tv channel that you can also subscribe to on a monthly basis in Germany.


Even if you don't feel like ordering a subscription, you can still watch Japanese television because the channel "JSTV 1" is broadcast daily with the news unencrypted and is therefore accessible to everyone! "JSTV 1" is also broadcast unencrypted on special occasions. It's cool, isn't it? "JSTV 2" is always encrypted.

JSTV 1 and JSTV 2 can be received at:


    Link to the TV station JSTV: (information about the station, broadcast tables, etc.)



    Here is a small table about the transmission times, in which JSTV 1 sends unencrypted:

    (after GMT Germany time) | daily from monday to friday | Sat. and Sun. not always

    Time content language

    12.00-12.30 NHK NEWS 7 Japanese and English

    14.00-15.00 NHK NEWS WATCH 9 Japanese and English

    16.30-17.00 NS-News & Sport Japanese

    19.25-19.35 NHK BS-NEWS Japanese

    19.35-20.00 Buisness Front Line Japanese

    [23.00-23.30 miscellaneous (does not always send) Japanese]

    23.00-24.00 News Morning news Japanese

    Further broadcast times not known


    On special Japanese holidays in the year, JSTV 1 sometimes transmits partially unencrypted. The same applies to some Sundays in the year.

    The broadcaster can of course make short-term changes to the broadcast content


    JSTV TV picture


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