Children can inherit Green Card from parents

Relatives and spouses of green card holders

Relatives and spouses of green card holders

In order to permanently emigrate to the USA and live and work there, the green card is required as a permanent residence and work permit.

However, the green card is often associated with hurdles and many conditions that must first be met, although the criteria and requirements that are placed on the applicants show some differences.

For example, particularly qualified people can relatively easily obtain an immigration permit even if they do not have an employment relationship. In addition, relatives and spouses of US citizens and green card holders have the option of applying for a green card and thus entering the USA permanently.

Here is an overview:

• Relatives of US citizens.

In principle, immigration is possible for parents, children and siblings of US citizens who live in the USA. The prerequisites for this are that they are minor children or children who have not yet reached the age of 21 and are not married. Just like spouses, they usually receive their immigration permit within twelve months.

Stepchildren and stepparents are also allowed to immigrate, provided that the relationship was established before the child reached the age of 18. If the children are older than 21 years or married, an entry permit can also be applied for, but the processing time is significantly longer. Siblings of US citizens usually also receive a green card, but the processing time can take up to twelve years.

The US authorities divide the applications into different groups, namely first preference for unmarried children of US citizens, third preference for married children and fourth preference for siblings. Applications from grandparents and grandchildren, uncles, aunts and their children as well as other relatives are not taken into account.

• Relatives of green card holders.

If an immigrant has a green card, he can only bring a group of relatives to the United States, namely his unmarried children.

Already married children, parents or siblings cannot apply for their own green card through the green card holder. However, this changes when the green card holder applies for US citizenship, which is possible after five years. The second preference applies to applications from unmarried children of green card holders.

• Spouses of Green Card Holders and US Citizens.

Regardless of whether the person is a US citizen or a green card holder, both can provide entry permits for the spouse. Spouses of US citizens usually receive approval within one year, for spouses of green card holders the waiting period can be up to five years.

In both cases, however, the approval presupposes that the applicant has a sufficient income.

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