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What is a kitchen? Definition:

Etymologically, the term kitchen is derived from the Old High German chúchîna, which in turn could have been inspired by the Latin cocina. The term kitchen is divided according to 1.) as regional or national types of food and 2.) as equipment for the kitchen.

1.) Important types of European gastronomy cuisine

2.) In the hotel industry, gastronomy and communal catering, the kitchen is a room for the preparation and storage of food or the epitome of the preparation of food par excellence. The basic equipment is different depending on the type of use and can go from the trash can to the lemon squeezer. Modern gastro kitchens have docking areas so that they can be expanded as required. Find kitchen outfitters for the catering industry here - choose company, describe product, send mail; free of charge according to terms and conditions.


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Equipping the catering kitchen with kitchen technology

See also the large kitchen technology and kitchen technology. En detail:

Weatherproof kitchens are supplied as outdoor kitchens. These products are supplied by commercial kitchen technology companies.


Crossover kitchen

The crossover kitchen is a conglomerate of different national and international cuisines, for more information see crossover kitchen.

Companies in the branch

Make free inquiries to these companies

Fine dining

The upscale cuisine is commonly referred to as haute cuisine.

Cold kitchen

The cold kitchen is part of the German cuisine and is often underestimated. It is delicious and can also fill unexpected guests quickly and healthily. Choose the cold kitchen if you want it to be quick!

Kitchen exhaust air in gastronomy

In gastronomy, after poor cuisine, which is often caused by an exuberant menu, and lousy service, the bad air ranks at the top of the reasons for failure. The most modern achievement for good air: plasma technology.

Kitchen news

Scan the kitchen news for the catering industry since 2010 and advertise here if your news should appear there.

Kitchen tips

Planning the catering kitchen

When planning a new kitchen, good advice is essential. Read the article 'Commercial Kitchen Planning: Planning Offices, Software & Regulations'. We recommend the kitchen planning companies that are listed under this keyword

or the list of companies of the

to call.

Staff in the catering kitchen

The chef is the boss! The staff in the kitchen is represented by the hierarchy in the kitchen.

Star kitchen

Star cuisine is the 'difficult kitchen', the Michelin Guide's kitchen testers are merciless, competition is fierce, 365 days a year are a new, tough challenge to always be particularly good. Read all about the topic in Starred Chefs List.

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Synonymous with good cuisine: The cuisine is also referred to as haute cuisine, fine cuisine, culinary art, gastronomy or gourmet cuisine

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Gastronomy Kitchen - a generic term in the category of catering supplies and gastronomy