Why is SAP Consulting so lucrative

SAP career: consultant or developer?

Well, Walldorf is not exactly the center of the world right now. But it has been home to a well-known global corporation for some time: SAP. Employees from over 80 nations work here on this so-called SAP campus. Correspondingly, the corporate and colloquial language is English. But what hardly puts anyone off: SAP has been one of the top employers in Germany for years - also because the pay is good, the training and further education opportunities are numerous and, above all, the career options are lucrative. But this also requires a lot: A degree in business administration or business informatics, for example, is usually required.

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Program development, company analysis, software implementation

What jobs are there at SAP? The focus is of course on software development. This is how the group grew. Whereby SAP designs solutions that are supposed to guarantee a reliable and timely handling of all business processes of a company. For example in the areas ...

  • Purchasing
  • production
  • distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Controlling
  • human Resource
  • Bookkeeping

Around 15,800 of the total of around 65,670 employees work in the field of software development alone.

The SAP developer have the task of drafting concepts for the development or modification of programs. In addition, they integrate SAP solutions into the existing system, lead appropriate training courses for users, are often responsible for quality assurance, are available as contact persons for customers and create manuals and guidelines. So pretty versatile tasks.

SAP consultant in turn are responsible for the introduction of the software in the company. However, the actual requirements of the respective company must first be determined so that the software can be adapted accordingly.

SAP consultants do not necessarily have to be employed by the main company; you can also work for another IT service provider or on a freelance and self-employed basis. If you are interested in the latter alternatives, you can, for example, place job offers through Duerenhoff or others SAP job boards Find.

In contrast to self-employment, a SAP career in the parent company is perhaps more lucrative, as SAP offers attractive additional benefits such as retirement provisions, share programs or company cars as well as other variable compensation components in addition to the normal salary.

High salary as a SAP consultant

The company SAP offers more than 150 study and apprenticeship positions every year. A corresponding one dual study or adequate training are a good opportunity here to make a career at SAP.

In order to be hired as a SAP consultant, a degree in industrial engineering or business IT is generally an advantage. According to surveys by personnel consultants from Biber & Associates, SAP consultants are among the higher earners in the IT industry:

Career starters receive between 40,000 and 50,000 euros; After around five years, a committed consultant can earn between 60,000 and 90,000 euros.

Software developers who consider a career in SAP usually start with a salary of just over 40,000 euros, before finally earning around 65,000 euros a year as experienced software users.

Of course, not everyone deserves it. The quality of training or the level of education as well as professional experience and corresponding further training also play a role in the development of salaries. Likewise, the region: According to the results of the study, metropolitan areas such as Cologne / Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Stuttgart offer the best conditions, while in eastern Germany there are rather moderate income opportunities for SAP consultants and SAP developers.

So if you have the appropriate qualifications, prefer to work locally and view programming as your hobby, a position as a SAP developer may be of interest. On the other hand, those who prefer to work on the go and less “in-house” should consider the SAP career as a consultant.

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