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Recipe ideas and tips Vegetarian brunch

Mettigel, liver sausage and bacon? No thanks! We completely do without sausage and meat products and dedicate ourselves entirely to vegetarian delicacies. What do you think of homemade spreads and dips, for example with our favorite avocado, delicious spinach and cheese balls, spicy tomato waffles or French toast muffins? Add a cold brew coffee or an apple and spinach smoothie and the brunch is perfect. We have put together these and many other vegetarian recipes for you here - so have fun browsing and trying them out!

Ideas and tips for the vegan brunch

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What actually makes a veggie brunch?

Meatless feasting is the keyword! In addition to cheese and jam, there are also homemade spreads on the bread roll, as well as salads and hearty dishes. We'll show you how diverse, tasty and healthy vegetarian cuisine is, and how easy it is to do without meat, sausage and the like.

What can guests bring with them?

We all have the kind of friends who really want to bring something with us and do some work for us. But what is best for this? You can actually have everything brought along that can be packed and transported well and that does not necessarily have to be eaten warm. Finger food is great, but so are salads, cakes or homemade dips and spreads. It is of course important that you tell your friends beforehand that you want to make a vegetarian brunch - so there are no misunderstandings later!

Spread and topping

No brunch without bread, rolls and of course spreads! In the supermarket there is a large selection of spreads, dips, jams, chocolate creams and the like, but unfortunately we don't always know what exactly is in them, how much sugar or what additives they contain. Even some cream cheese surprises you with gelatine and is therefore no longer vegetarian. This is exactly why we make our topping for bread and rolls very easily ourselves. Whether sweet or savory, made from fruit, vegetables or chocolate, we have put together a selection of delicious vegetarian spreads, dips and jams for you. A brunch without these companions? Unthinkable!

Spreads, dips and co. Are available in every taste. Piquant, spicy, chocolaty or would you prefer sweet? No matter!

Muesli & Co.

You can't go wrong with vegetarians with muesli. It almost always works without animal ingredients. Mueslis, breakfast bowls and delicious oats are hearty and full of important nutritional values. We show you our favorites here:


We don't just have salads for grilling, but also for brunch. Whether potato salad, with or without mayo, green salad or egg salad, there is something here for every taste - one hundred percent meat-free, of course!


If you prefer to eat hearty instead of sweet, then you've come to the right place. We have recipes for fluffy omelets, delicious quiches and, of course, some egg dishes, of course you do without bacon and bacon at vegetarian brunch.

Finger food

These recipe ideas are perfect for snacking. Finger food is quick and easy to prepare. In addition, the small snacks look great on a buffet and they go straight to your plate. Another plus point: the little things are ideal tasting bites. So don't be afraid to serve unusual and new finger food! We have spinach and cheese balls, spicy tomato waffles or strawberry and cream cheese pralines on offer.

Cakes and sweets

Cakes and sweets are always possible and are the crowning glory of a relaxed brunch. The best thing is that desserts and sweet pastries are great to prepare. There are of course some exceptions: You should prepare waffles, pancakes and the like very fresh and serve them warm - but this is usually done quickly!


In addition to all the delicious food, you should of course also think about some drinks. If you and your friends are coffee drinkers, be sure to offer coffee. If you don't like coffee, you can of course also get a tea or one of these sophisticated drinks. How about a fruity smoothie or a homemade soda? Try out our favorites and choose your favorite drink yourself!

I want to know what's inside! So feel free to drop by if you are interested in how to cook vegan, gluten-free or sugar-free and how you can make pretty much any dish healthier. Here are my recipes!
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