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Nancy Pelosi is the new leader of the Democrats in the US Congress

Nancy Pelosi, newly elected leader of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives, takes the bull by the horns, as always: "When the Republicans call me a 'San Francisco Liberal', they don't mean to say that I'm in favor of environmental protection or Better school education for children or more economic success, but for homosexuals. But I was brought up in such a way that I believe that all human beings are the children of God. Among them there are also homosexuals. " It is also not yet clear whether the Republicans' plan will work out to label Pelosi as a dangerous left: although she voted not only against the war in Iraq but also against Clinton's conservative welfare reforms during her twelve years as a congresswoman, despite her annual welfare reforms Participation in the Gay Pride Parade and despite her unwavering stance for the deadline solution, insiders in Congress know very well that the political battle with 62-year-old Pelosi will not be a mess. Even her Republican opponent, the conservative Tom DeLay, says she will be a "worthy opponent". Nancy Pelosi, the only daughter of the thoroughbred Democrat "Big Thommy" d'Alesandro, who was elected mayor of Baltimore three times, was an integral part of politics from an early age. One of her children - she married young and had five children within six years - remembers the mother holding the phone in one hand and the iron in the other, and family evenings when envelopes for Democratic candidates were sealed . However, the practicing Catholic waited until all of her children were out of the house before seeking a seat in the US Congress in 1987. However, by then she had already headed the Democratic Party in California for some time. Sometimes she is dismissed as too "rich and beautiful": Her husband, the investor Paul Pelosi, is involved in a multitude of successful companies; the family's home is in elegant Pacific Heights, San Francisco, and their Washington domicile is valued at over a million dollars. Nevertheless, she has earned a reputation as a fighter for the poor, minorities, women and senior citizens - and as a political pragmatist. It is also seen as the unifying force between Democrats and Republicans. And she is connected to the Republican President through her daughter, the filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, who followed George W. Bush with her camera during the election year and made a documentary film "Journeys with George". (Susi Schneider / DER STANDARD, print edition November 16/17, 2002)

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