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Is it difficult to study business administration?

Students ask:

I would like to study business administration, but a good friend advised me not to. He said it was a difficult subject and that the chances of passing the degree with good grades were not so good. What do you think? Is business administration difficult? Do you have to be a high-flyer or nerd for this, or can a normal school student also manage the course?

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Larissa, graduate of the universities in Bochum and Berlin:

It depends on. Business administration is not an easy subject. But which course is that anyway? You definitely don't have to be a high-flyer or nerd, but you should know when the time has come to study and when you have to limit your free time a little. And interest in the subject is important. Then it also works with the good grades. If you don't really feel like studying business administration, then the subject is not so easy for you. But that also applies to all other courses.

Alina, dual student at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences:

I also had a little respect for my studies at first, after all, I only did a "normal" central high school diploma and went straight to my studies afterwards. In contrast, many of my fellow students had a business school diploma or had already completed an apprenticeship. Nevertheless, I can say (with pride) that the course is quite feasible. My grades are nowhere near as bad as expected, I have a good two-point average. So no, you don't have to be a nerd. You just have to show an interest in business and it is always an advantage if you can combine theory with practice. In my dual studies Much importance is attached to this, rather less in "normal" studies.

Christian, student at the University of Duisburg-Essen:

First of all, there is no such thing as "the subject of business administration"; rather, the individual universities and technical colleges offer completely different content orientations. The level of difficulty varies depending on the specialization. In general, however, one can say that it is a work-intensive study, regardless of whether it is for high-flyers or normal school students. I would advise everyone to ask themselves, completely independent of school grades, whether there is an interest in economic content on the one hand and a willingness to work hard and continuously on the other. Anyone who is willing to work well and continuously at the university and also gain the necessary insight into practice through internships will later have good to very good prospects for a good job or even self-employment. It doesn't matter whether you were a "high-flyer" or a "normal student" as a student.

Michelle, student at Wismar University:

I think / hope that there is no graduation for free. I had a 2.7 Abi and graduated with a 1.8 (B.A.). If you are hardworking and motivated and have a certain basic understanding / interest, you can do anything. I am convinced of that. Certainly there are generally easier (e.g. project management) and more difficult modules (e.g. law, statistics).

Johannes, student at the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences:

The main problem with business administration is that it is a very broad field. Depending on the specialization, it can therefore be harder or easier. Examples include areas such as marketing, human resources, controlling, logistics, investment / financing or taxes. In general, the business administration course is in the middle of the field in my opinion. Depending on the affinity, it can therefore be harder or easier. An important prerequisite, however, is a certain passion for entrepreneurial thinking and acting as well as having fun dealing with numbers.

Ramona, student at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences:

Personally, I don't think that studying business administration is particularly difficult. Before studying business administration, I worked in the media sector (school training as a media assistant) and therefore had no prior knowledge of business administration when I started my studies. I was / am not a high-flyer either (Abitur grade 2.3). I successfully completed my bachelor's degree and am now in the Master's degree in business administration. Business administration can therefore also be achieved without prior knowledge or being a high-flyer.

Sarina, student at Coburg University:

As in any other degree course, you have to do something yourself in order to achieve good results. Of course, it is advantageous to have a fundamental interest in business administration. Business administration is multi-layered with the different directions such as marketing, human resources, etc., so you have to deal with all areas in the basic course and so it can be that, for example, a subject like controlling can be difficult for you, because you are not really interested in it . If you really decide to study business administration and are fully committed right from the start, then it is not difficult. But you shouldn't forget that it's a course of study and not school.

Nabil, student at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences:

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. In my opinion, it depends on whether there is an affinity for sub-areas of business administration, such as B. Taxation, logistics, production, etc. It becomes difficult when you HAVE to learn something even though it is not of interest to you.

Isabell, student at the FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt:

That depends entirely on your previous knowledge. Theoretical subjects such as human resource management, labor law, etc. can be easily learned from scratch. Subjects such as controlling, bookkeeping, balance sheets, on the other hand, require basic knowledge from the very first lecture, which one normally does not have as a high school graduate and without prior commercial training. The only thing that helps here is to "close your eyes and through" or to acquire basic knowledge on your own initiative. All in all that is Business Administration Studies very flexible and easy to do. Unfortunately, it often has a bad reputation that everyone studies business administration who doesn't know what else to do. From my own experience I can say: If you take your studies seriously and would like to finish your degree within the standard period of study (i.e. not adding semesters or "pushing" exams), then it is already crisp. But still manageable!

Annika, student at the University of Potsdam:

Yes, like any other course of study, studying business administration is difficult from a student's point of view. It takes an extremely long time to get used to studying. But it's also super interesting. I found the math courses particularly difficult in the business administration course, it's hard to talk about. But if you have survived this, the business administration course is super exciting and not as difficult as you think.

Degree of difficulty of the business administration degree

As you will have already learned from the students' answers: The business administration course demands your intellectual performance and ambition just like any other study. You should therefore not decide against studying business administration simply out of concern about the high requirements. It is important that you personal qualities that will increase your chances of success for your studies and your later career in business administration. These are among others:

  • Interest in economic contexts and challenges
  • basic mathematical understanding
  • Thirst for knowledge and thirst for action

If you would like to deal even more with the future prospects of a business administration degree to see whether it is the right path for you, you can use our rubrics Professions in business in detailas Interviews with professionals from the business administration be helpful to you.

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