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Günther Jauch on social media: "Unfortunately a quarter of an hour wasted"

Günther Jauch is not active on social media. But why not? In an interview with Barbara Schöneberger, the moderator reveals it.

Two real show business giants meet: Barbara Schöneberger welcomes the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Moderator Günther Jauch in her radio talk show "With a woman's waffles". And he likes to chat from the sewing box. He told the moderator that he was not on the common social media platforms and that everything under his name was just fake accounts. "But if I were on Twitter, for example, I would follow Trump out of interest. Just to see what he's doing again right now - just to know it just as quickly as the world press," said the 63-year-old.

Otherwise he couldn't do much with the Internet channels. "I watch that for about ten, twelve minutes, and then I think: Unfortunately, a quarter of an hour has been wasted." And what does he think of his own podcast? "I think I don't have so much to tell. And certainly not three times a week." An autobiography of his own will probably not appear either. "My need to communicate is somewhat limited," said the moderator.

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They also talk about "nice" people. Günther Jauch is also often referred to as "nice", which, however, he would not do himself. "There are people on television who are incredibly nice and who are sometimes despised for being nice. Such people are sometimes scary to me. They have other abysses," said the 63-year-old. "Anyone who has been out with me for a day is disillusioned."

The entire interview with Jauch can be heard on barba radio on Saturday, February 15, from 11.00 a.m. The station can be received on barbaradio.de or via the "barba radio" app. The conversation can also be streamed as a podcast from Monday, February 17.

Source: teleschau - der mediendienst GmbH