How do I start over somewhere?

Start over - this is best done after the worst end

Last update: 04 June, 2016

The moment I'm most afraid of is always the one before it starts.

Stephen King

There are moments in life when we arrive at an intersection and don't know which way to gowhat to do next and how to clean up the chaos in our lives. At that moment we believe that there is neither a solution nor a goal and our forces turn into despair.

In these moments you often hear that you have to “start from scratch”. But is it even possible to start from scratch? Can life lead us into a labyrinth from which we can no longer find our way?

From a rational point of view, it is almost impossible for us to start from scratch, because how can we leave our past, our development, ourselves behind us? Even if we could completely change our life, it would be shaped by our previous existence in the world.

It's next to impossible to start from scratch, but it is possible to take a new path, to pursue a new goalto steer our boat to a different port that we hadn't considered before.

Life means making choices. The price of being able to breathe every day is having to choose when life dictates it. The million dollar question is: When do we have to do this?

Quite simply when we have a negative balance sheet. That is, when we do not feel that we can create a stable, positive balance because negative influences affect ourselves and everything around us.

Is it possible the so-called To find happiness through this change in life? The straight answer is yes. Even if the changes require effort and sacrifice, at least in the beginning.

Making a decision means deciding against unhappiness, against what hurts us and was part of us, against the frustration that arises when we remember events that once gave us stability or comforted us.

But after the flood, the emotional tsunami that comes with making decisions and choosing a new lifestyle, it is possible to feel happy again.

Starting from scratch also means making decisions that involve risk and make us uncomfortable.

When we make decisions that change our lives, we have to be very careful, because our environment will change significantly and new onesChallenges await us, that we have to face.

Starting from scratch does not mean forgetting, but rather learning. To learn from our past and our present and to be willing to work on a future. Everything we learn, broadens our horizons, gives us new opportunities to choose and creates additional life experiences.

Who has never had to say goodbye to a partner or a job, had to move and rearrange their world? These types of occurrences usually fall into the “starting from scratch” category.

One must also understand that Starting from scratch does not automatically mean saying goodbye to the past. It can be a change of perspective, or a new way of facing challenges that we were previously unable to do.

You have probably heard of people who have survived a serious illness, survived a serious accident or have overcome similarly serious experiences. These people often report that they have experienced a change as a result of these experiences and that they have theHave drawn strength to fundamentally change their lives.

These people begin a more sane life after having a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, it is often these experiences that shake us up. And what are these people changing? First and foremost, they turn into reality what they have always dreamed of. They spend time with people who are important to them or take a trip that they would otherwise never have taken.

These people start from scratch, but maybe through this new perspective of their existence they have learned to appreciate their life, to enjoy every second, and to breathe deeply until they feel that every moment in our life is a gift.

Every day in our life is a new beginning, a new opportunity to be who we want to be, to feel the air, the sun and the stars, but above all, it is a new way of following our hearts.

Images courtesy of Balazs Kovacs Images and Studio 37