What are the types of care

Elderly care - which form of care is the right one? An overview!

8. Other forms of care

Other forms of care that are subsidized by the long-term care insurance company or the health insurance company:

  • Hourly care for the elderly
  • Intensive care
  • Palliative care

Hourly care for the elderly

People in need of care who only need minimal support in everyday life can take advantage of hourly care. Usually this is Support around the house and with shopping, around Leisure activities or Dementia care. Such hourly care for the elderly is offered by some outpatient care services or providers specializing in such services. The costs depend on the qualifications of the caregiver and the respective service provider, prices of 25 to 35 euros per hour are common.

Because by hourly senior care of the Stay in your own four walls is supported, the long-term care insurance fund supports this form of care:

  • through care and relief services or relief amount (125 euros), a prerequisite is a provider approved by the long-term care insurance
  • Up to 40 percent of care benefits in kind can be spent on hourly care for the elderly. Such a right to conversion exists from care level 2.
  • Preventive care can also be provided by the hour; a claim also exists from care level 2.

Intensive care

Intensive care is necessary if a person in need of care has one comprehensive support needs, also from a medical point of view. Even if a range of medical devices may be required for intensive care, it can also be done on an outpatient basis. People in need of care who require such care, however, often have care level 5 and are accommodated in an inpatient facility.

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