Who pays the police's salary

Police officer training salary

First of all, the good news: No matter which police force you choose to train with, your salary will definitely be good. Relatives in special units also receive dangerous bonuses, there are additional bonuses for night shifts and for work on Sundays and public holidays. While with the state police the remuneration according to fixed Collective agreements is paid, the federal government decides by law on the amount of the salary. A distinction is made between the various careers in the two authorities middle, upscale and higher service. As you can imagine, cops get im higher service the highest base salary while middle-class police officers earn slightly less. This applies both to the time of training and to the subsequent time as a police officer. One thing is certain in any case: The training to become a police officer is one of the best-paid training programs.

What does a police officer earn in training?

In the police training you will receive the so-called Candidate salary. How high that turns out depends on whether you are doing the training with the federal police or with a state authority. It also matters whether you are a candidate for middle service or high service.

  • Federal Police: As a police candidate in the middle service the Federal Police the candidate salary is around 1269 euros in the month. in the upscale service is available monthly 1512 euros.
  • National Police: Are you doing your training at a National Police can it to Fluctuations come on your contingent salary. Depending on the state do you get in middle service between 1224 and 1328 euros per month. in the upscale service the candidate's salary is included1512 euros.

If you have successfully completed your training as a police officer, you will be appointed as a probationary officer and, after a probationary period, as an officer for life. Depending on your rank, you will be divided into a salary group, which is divided into different levels of experience and thus receive a corresponding salary. The following applies here: The more work experience you gain, the more you earn. Plus, if you have children or are promoted, your salary also increases. Another great advantage of the police is the possibility of advancing to the next higher career through a degree program. So everyone who started in the middle service can move up to the higher service or from the higher to the higher service. It is even possible to climb up twice! To do this, of course, you have to perform well and learn a lot.