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Re: Search Tahco / Dashboard for 2012 S1000RR

of HESI » 29.07.2015, 07:11

bimmerracer wrote:This is my first time reading this. Where did you get that information? Are these your own experiences or do you pass on knowledge of the regulars? No offense.

Meister Lampe wrote:Can bend to 98%, there is a software with your data stored in the speedometer, simply connecting any one can lead to the destruction of the CPU / ECU, happened several times, already a kilometer difference in the speedometer and ECU, usually leads to a disaster when logging in In principle, the higher mileage will be taken over, if it works, only originals from BMW help here according to the chassis number, is 650, - ...

greetings Uwe

This is utter nonsense! Only the KM status flashes if the dashboard and ECU are not identical.
It looks different with flashed ECUs. I just noticed a case where an attempt was made
to learn a new speedometer. And with the friendly ones! They shot through everything, complete standstill ...

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