Would you go out with an ugly man

Column Simply put, Tinder mimics nightlife

Apps like Tinder get right to the point. A man doesn't have to misbehave to scare women off. One look is enough.

In a nutshell: One look is enough Photo: dpa

“You can't say yuck at Tinder, people aren't yuck,” said my friend, the caster.

"You are honored by your morals, but this is not a casting, but hedonistic private stuff," said the cook and hurriedly wiped men away to the left. We sat next to each other on the shoulder blades on the warm October evening and stared at her cell phone.

"I don't even want to know what men can do with tindering," I said.

"It doesn't matter how primitive the guys are, we don't have to be exactly like that," said the caster, "the app is inhuman, you shouldn't even download it."

"But folks, the love game is just like that, Tinder is honest, it reflects life in a brutal way!" Said the younger friend and philosophy student.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It works the same way in real life - three seconds and you know whether you would make out with that guy on the bike!" He cycled by quickly.

“I didn't see his face! That works better with Tinder. But that's right, you usually have a crush or disgust right away, ”said the cook.

"Or you're just bored," I said.

"But the boring ones are sometimes the most profound, even in a positive sense," said the philosopher.

"I read once that most men are afraid on the first date that the woman might be less attractive than in the photos and that most women fear being killed," I said.

"Anyway, I think it is wrong to adopt the demotion culture of men," said the caster.

The cook took a sip of whiskey and checked the cell phone.

"Oh, it's no fun at all when I say: Thomas here, he looks nice, is sporty and certainly not a bad person and tattoos are of course a matter of taste, but I think he's just not on my wavelength ... much funnier Isn't it: Thomas looks so hollow, his muscles are of no use to him, the stubbornness is written on his face and the tattoo is just ugly, yuck, get rid of that. "

Apps like Tinder get right to the point. The whole real life is certainly not imitated, but the night life is. A man doesn't have to misbehave in order for women not to be drawn to him when they go out. One look is enough.

And Thomas must have a lot of matches with great women who don't go to the same bars as my friends and me. At Tinder, people are crammed together who would otherwise never be in the same places. But that's okay and it's in the nature of things. The app is free and has nothing to do with physical contact. In addition, in a way it is even philanthropic because there is no confrontational rejection. Nobody learns of the other's interest unless it is mutual. There are supposed to be men who swipe every woman to the right just to test their market value. That is truly sincere male self-degradation.