Should I get a perm?

Curly girl Perm: My experience with permanent hair reshaping

The perm conjures up beautiful curls for straight hair, but should be carefully considered. I'll tell you about my hair experiment with permanent hair reshaping.


in dream of volume and beautiful curls comes true with the «permanent hair reshaping». When it comes to beauty trends, perm is probably never off the table. The image of the iconic hairstyle from the 80s or of the grandmother in the hairdressing salon emerges directly in front of the inner eye. Of course, the salons now offer a modern perm - the beautiful permanent waves are totally in trend, especially fine hair get great volume permanently (until the perm hangs or grows out).

Perfect beach waves with no effort! I was also completely in the perm fever in the summer. I wanted natural curls. So absolutely that I didn't care about any warnings on the Internet or from specialists. Once in my head I couldn't get rid of the idea. The problem? I have naturally straight, fine hair - and quite a lot of it. In other words, I don't really need extra volume. Because I have so much hair, the procedure took a long time and was accordingly expensive.

The permanent wave is not exactly gentle, so it should be carefully considered.

Which length is suitable:

A little tip: the perm looks especially nice on bob hairstyles or medium-length hair. But even with short hair, it can look beautifully voluminous and natural. For long hair, longer than 30 cm, the perm is not really suitable. Because the curls hang out faster because they are so heavy and look stringy. In any case, let your hairdresser advise you, with large coils you can achieve large curls - if you want such a result, you will certainly be satisfied with the hairstyle.

Procedure: This is how I became a curly girl

My hair has been tinted one time or the other and reached about my chest. I ignored my hairdresser's warning that the result would not be voluminous curls like Julia Roberts' in "Pretty Woman". In total, the alkaline perm took about three hours.

After washing, a chemical agent was used to break the sulfur bridges in my hair. This breaks up the hair structure. Let me tell you, the remedy stinks really bad. Instead of wrapping from the beginning, the hairdresser started with the lengths so that it looks natural. The whole thing took so long because I have a lot of hair. The fixed curlers were then treated with an oxidizing agent (for example hydrogen peroxide) so that a structure was formed again. The hair becomes curly through the winding, the wave is ready.

The remedy was washed out well and given a cure. Et voilà, now my hair just had to air dry.

The styling afterwards:

After the permanent reshaping, the hair needs one thing above all: a lot of care and moisture. In other words, you need a shampoo for damaged hair that supplies your curls with nutrients and, ideally, high-quality conditioners, treatments and lotions as well. My big mistake: I washed my hair way too often. No wonder it was summer and I went swimming every day. Nevertheless, it is advisable to wash your hair only every four days, otherwise the curls will lose their bounce.

The result:

I had great beach waves that looked super natural. So natural that hardly anyone noticed them except me. At first I was really excited because I could just stumble out of bed in the summer and my hair was already perfectly styled. No more annoying combing! Another advantage is that the hair absorbs the sun and is thus lightened. The summer look is guaranteed. You can still do hairstyles with the perm and straightening is no problem either. The trick is to use heat protectant because the chemical perm has put a lot of stress on your hair and demands it to be hydrated.


I just did too much wrong with the care and was impatient. In summer I liked the natural look, in autumn I was annoyed. The light waves were gone faster than expected. After a few weeks it was somehow nothing half or whole, neither curly nor straight (which was certainly also due to the wrong care).

At some point I grabbed a straightening iron or combed out my curls with a brush, a big no-go when it comes to hair care. Instead of a hairbrush, you should always use a coarse comb. It's hard to say how long the perm would have lasted. The hair was just super damaged. After two months I was so annoyed by it myself that I handed the scissors to a friend and she put an end to it all. Sometimes that's the better way. I've learned my lesson and I probably wouldn't do it again.

Cover picture Taylor Deas-Melesh Unsplash, picture Dahiana Waszaj Unsplash.

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