Which is better ITI or Polytechnic

Polytechnic school

The Polytechnic School supports young people in the final year of compulsory schooling in their decision to enter professional life through dual vocational training (apprenticeship) or further education. This transition process focuses on the individual interests, inclinations, talents and abilities of the students.

Duration and target group

The polytechnic school comprises one school year and is primarily used by those 14 to 15 year old pupils as the 9th grade who want to learn a trade immediately after compulsory schooling.

Career orientation and career finding process

In an orientation phase at the beginning of the school year, the interests of the young people are awakened or consolidated for their upcoming career and educational choices through a variety of information, company visits and initial practical experience.

Basic vocational training

In the form of Departments (Compulsory elective areas), which correspond to the large professional fields of the economy, the young people are offered a general basic vocational training as preparation for the future profession:

  • metal
  • Electric
  • construction
  • Wood
  • Trade / office
  • Services
  • tourism

The establishment of a autonomous department such as health and social affairs, mechatronics, etc. offers schools the additional opportunity to address regional conditions and the needs of businesses in the local area.

Every pupil chooses a subject area from the offer of the location.

Learning for practice

Basic skills, abilities and knowledge (key qualifications) are imparted in the general compulsory subjects and the specialist areas. The compulsory subjects German, English and mathematics are taught to differentiate between performance and interests. By emphasizing action-oriented learning, the development of individual talents and the motivation to learn should be promoted.

Organizational forms

The polytechnic school is organized nationwide and, depending on the local conditions, either as an independent school or in organizational connection with a general compulsory school.


Last updated: May 23, 2019