Muslims work on Fridays

The work available to him is the (profession of) bricklayer (s), but he is not allowed to go to Friday prayers. What should he do?

Praise be to Allah ..

If it is as you mentioned; that the work in construction is far from temptation, then we advise you to accept them and to ask the boss to allow you - and other Muslims, if there are any - to go to Friday prayer. If he agrees, that's very good, but if he refuses, tell him that you will replace the time you go to Friday prayer with extra work. We hope he doesn't refuse. And ask Allaah - may He be - that He may make things easier for you.

But if he refuses to allow you, then, Allah willing, (after you have tried everything) there is no problem for you in doing this work. You are also excused for not praying on Friday if you make an additional effort to always go to prayer when the opportunity presents itself.

Legal scholars have established that one of the excuses for failing to pray on Friday is man’s fear for himself, his property, or the livelihood he needs.

Al-Mardawi said:

“One of the things that excuse you for failing to pray on Fridays and in congregation is the fear of being detrimental to the livelihood or guarding a property that was rented / hired for, such as guarding one Garden. "

From "Al-Insaf" (301/2)

The author of "Kaschaf al-Qina '" (495/1) said:

“For failing to pray on Friday and community, those who ward off the two bad things, urine and stool, are excused ... or someone who fears a disadvantage in their property or livelihood they need, or if their extension is to be taken or has watered the garden and fears it will go bad if he leaves it or if asked to take care of something, but fears it will be lost if you go and leave it behind, like guarding a garden (by a guard ) etc., because the effort involved is greater than if the clothes get wet from the rain, which, according to the consensus, is also a reason for excuse. "

We ask Allah to give you His preference and spare you His forbidden by His allowed.

And Allah knows best.