How does food poisoning feel?


Sensitive foods

Food that is spoiled is unfortunately not necessarily clearly recognizable, You see They see neither looks bad, nor smells or tastes they bad. She should be especially careful with all dishes that contain raw eggs. Poultry meat, smoked fish, cake fillings, cream dishes, raw milk and raw milk products, mayonnaise, meat or potato salad, mussels and oysters are also susceptible.

Preventing food poisoning:

Cool bags

Take it with you when you go shopping for delicate foods

Note the smell

and stop eating bad smelling and moldy foods


only enjoy in small amounts every now and then so as not to risk alcohol poisoning

Store food properly

and set the refrigerator temperature to below 7 ° C, especially in summer. Frozen food should be stored below minus 18 ° C

Leftover food

do not just leave it on the stove, but quickly cover and cool

Kitchen appliances

Always clean carefully with hot water and washing-up liquid, wash the dishcloths frequently

Your hands

wash regularly with soap and warm water

Attention: Get to the practice or clinic quickly

As mentioned earlier, the symptoms of the disease sound usually off quicklyas soon as the germs flushed out of your body were. But if one of the following points applies, you shouldn't wait long and definitely yours GP practice or the emergency service to seek out.

  • When the symptoms multiple days last for
  • High fever occurs
  • You just got from one Long-distance travel returned
  • Additionally Blood or pus is in the chair
  • Babies, toddlers or the elderly are affected

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