What are some Albanian names

The most beautiful Albanian boy names

Traditional Albanian boy names are less common today in Albania's current birth registers. Instead of first names of Albanian origin, parents are increasingly opting for Christian Greek and Latin or English names. In this way they hope to give their children better opportunities for a future abroad.

It's good that Albanian first names are popular beyond the borders of Albania. That may be because Albania is a country of emigration. Far from home, parents naturally want to pass on a piece of their culture and history to their children with the name. Or it is simply because there is a nice meaning behind the great sound of many Albanian boy names that you like to put in your own child's cradle.

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You can find the most beautiful Albanian boy names with meaning in our list:

Names suitable for everyday use also in Germany

Although names like Agim (the dawn), Arian (our gold) or Lirim (the liberation) sound extraordinary to German ears, they don't sound too strange and are relatively easy to understand. And if you first know their meaning, you will love these names.

Pronunciation of names

The Albanian language knows some letters and sounds that do not appear or differ in the German language. So if you do not speak the Albanian language, you should make sure that the name is pronounced correctly.

Linguistic influences

The list of Albanian boy names has very different linguistic and cultural influences. In addition to original Albanian names, there are some names with Arabic-Muslim roots that are also easy to recognize. For example, we are more familiar with Xhemail and Querim than Kemal and Kerim. Furthermore, Albanian names have Greek, Italian and Latin influences.

Why would you want to give your baby an Albanian boy name and which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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