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"The Mandalorian": Baby Yoda is not (SPOILER)

The showmaker of “The Mandalorian”, Jon Favreau, finally cleared up the big question: What does Baby Yoda have to do with the Jedi Master?

Since “The Mandalorian” started in the US, one character in the series has built a huge fan base worldwide: Baby Yoda is one of the most popular characters and memes of the past few months. Since Master Yoda, from the “Star Wars” film series, up to the current “Disney +” series, was the only one of his kind, speculations about the new character started. What kind are the two? Are there more of them? Where are you from? How old are you Is power with all of them, or only selected ones, like with humans? After “The Mandalorian” has not yet given any further information about the origins of Baby Yoda or Master Yoda, the creator of the series, Jon Favreau, finally spoke up. Among other questions, he also clarified whether Baby Yoda is a reincarnation of Master Yoda, or the Jedi himself, as a baby. The answer to that is no.

"The Mandalorian": This is what you should know about Baby Yoda

The reason Baby Yoda and Master Yoda couldn't be the same person, said The Mandalorian maker, Jon Favreau, was because the timing wasn't right. He stated, "The series timeline takes place after the 'Return of the Jedi'. And fans of the original trilogy will remember that Yoda not only passed away, but actually disappeared. So Yoda continues to exist as a power spirit ”. The creator does not want to reveal whether there is a relationship between the two Yodas. What he reveals, however, is that there is no name for the Yoda genus. That could mean that no more of their kind actually exist than Yoda and Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda also doesn't get a name in the first season of “The Mandalorian”. He is simply referred to as ‘the child’. When we meet him he is already 50 years old. The series explains why he is still a baby by the fact that some species live longer than others and accordingly remain children longer. From May on, Baby Yoda Merch will finally hit the markets so that you can decorate yourself with the new “Star Wars” favorite.