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Clone technician

Clone technician

Historical data

The Clone technician of the Republic supported the Grand Army of the Republic by repairing allies' equipment and, if necessary, setting up a line of defense. They were also equipped with detonation packs, with which they sometimes supported attacks on enemy positions and destroyed them. The technicians were also good hackers, which allowed them to control enemy droids and armored vehicles in combat. In addition, they could also defuse mines to save other clone warriors from death. They themselves were trained to move carefully so as not to trigger mines. They also acted as paramedics and carried shotguns to defend the wounded from enemies in an emergency, as the droids and other enemies of the republic preferred to shoot at defenseless wounded. Throughout the war, these troops were deployed in the field and were also very effective as fighters. Overall, however, they were more responsible for rescuing wounded allies.


The technicians initially wore Phase I armor with yellow markings that resembled that of the clone pilots and also had its own life support system. In the last year of the war they wore modified phase II armor.


  • In the game Battlefront II Clone technicians can give health / ammunition packs to other clones and use their fusion cutters to repair the ammunition and health droids to increase health and ammunition.
  • The technicians have the same markings and armor as the clone pilots.