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A friend recently told me how difficult it is sometimes with their children - they just don't want to do anything. The lovely family outings are history. Everyone just sits in front of their cell phone. Sometimes it is really not that easy with young people: Either they are out with friends or have to sleep in, so you hardly see them anymore. During the school year they often have to study or they have to recover from the stressful week and therefore have no time for joint activities. Then there’s no desire either. Despite all the justified objections and the need for rest, some parents would like to do something together. So I asked my friends about what they would do with their teenage children and what would go down well with them. Here you can read what came of it.

Family activities that young people also enjoy:

It's twice as nice together.
Think together in advance what you would like to try out. Maybe there is something there that interests you all.

  1. Go new ways
    Usually the old, familiar paths are no longer so exciting, no longer offer enough discoveries and challenges. Maybe you want to Geocachingtry out? Such treasures can also be discovered in the middle of the city. Or would be Orienteering something for you? Simply go cross-country, without a path or footbridge, to get involved in exploring, that can be adventurous and exciting. With the bicycle Not only exploring Vienna, but also its surroundings, perhaps to a bathing bay or mountain biking in the Vienna Woods, that's also a great thing for older children. But new approaches can also do that museum around the corner or a concert that you have never seen before. The Environment out of tourist eyes seeing can lead to new discoveries.

  2. Try something unknown
    Doing something that has never been done before, something special, maybe something that is expensive and therefore cannot be done so often, that also seems to attract young people.
    Mini golf or Table tennis to go play or one Motor skills park Visiting is cheap, fun and still something special.

    More expensive variants are common boator SUP and borrow the old Danube or the National park to explore. High ropes coursesare popular, but you can too Climbing course do. Also together Shoot a bow to go (we have it in Gänserndorf Safari Park tested), Sagwayto drive or Lasermaxx getting to know each other are exciting options.

  3. Action is the order of the day
    Action actually goes down with almost everyone. Regardless of whether Downhill mountain biking, Prater, summer toboggan run or wakeboard. The main thing is that it's a thrill.

These tips are also no guarantee that everyone or every young person will like it. Finding something in common is usually better if you follow these rules.

What do you like to do with your teenage children on weekends? Which companies weld you together?

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