Why has life got complicated now

"The world tends towards complexity"

Will the smartphone remain our “favorite toy” in the future?

Gatterer: The smartphone can do a lot that digitized glasses or a smartwatch cannot offer in comparison. I can operate it well by hand. With glasses, operation via the eyes becomes more difficult. The interface between us and technology will probably remain the hand in the longer term. In this respect, the smartphone is only one of the first to understand what is happening and not to judge prematurely. very practical. It is conceivable that we will break away from the smartphone in the long term, for example if we have stored our data in such a cloud-based manner that we can call it up completely independently from any device, no matter where we are. But this is not yet routine and will not be possible in this form for many years to come, so the importance of the smartphone will continue to be maintained. However, it gradually loses its status factor. You can already tell that the hype is no longer so great when a new smartphone comes out.

What advice do you give young people as to where they should orientate themselves professionally?

Gatterer:From a purely functionalist point of view, the answer would have to be: Nursing, mechatronics, IT, etc. But I don't want to offer this access. It is essential that you try early to find out what touches you and what moves you. Much more important than what to do is why you want to do something. Why do I want to learn that, where do I go, what interests me, what is easy for me to do. Everything I know about myself, my talents, my inclinations, will help me in choosing a career. In a world in which new jobs are created practically every year, my future job may not even exist. So I have to take a different approach, namely: “Why do I care?” We should trust our kids relatively early on that they can build up a feeling for themselves.

What do you want from the future?

Gatterer:I find it difficult to make wishes: I find the world we live in extremely exciting and I wish that my job will enable me to continue to observe this world. If I could wish for something for society, it would be that you evaluate something less quickly and observe more. Because it is only through observation that one understands what is happening and does not judge prematurely.

The interview was conducted Beate Kreuzer for the 01/2017 issue of Audi MAGAZIN Austria.