Pressure cooking makes the meat more tender

6. Pressure cookers on vacation

A pressure cooker can also go on vacation. It is even suitable as a faithful companion when camping or in emergencies, as it can even be used over an open flame. Since pressure cookers are very efficient at housekeeping, they also work if there is little firewood or other energy sources available in only sparing quantities.

7. Pressure cookers for baby food

Baby food is often bought in the supermarket: vegetable jars, vegetable and meat jars, fruit jars, cereal jars, etc. It is believed that the industry uses methods to prepare the food for baby food particularly gently.

Even if this is the case, you can at least practice the same gentle preparation method with your pressure cooker. Apart from that, baby jars are often left in the warehouse or on the shelf of the supermarket for weeks under the influence of light and thereby continuously lose their vital substances. With the pressure cooker, you can prepare fresh, delicious meals rich in vital substances for your baby at any time.

8. Pressure cookers for dog food

Your dog can also benefit from the pressure cooker, because he is just as happy about gently prepared, aromatic and vital substance-rich meals as every other family member. The days when you served your dog monotonous dry food or bothered him with flavored canned food are clearly over.


There are many advantages to using pressure cookers. In order to fully benefit from a pressure cooker, it is worth carefully studying the instructions for use. If you have to decide between two different pot sizes, you should always opt for the larger pot, as a pot that is too large and not completely filled does not cause any problems - unlike a pot that is too small and overfilled.


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