Why is a morning routine important

Morning routine - 3 tips for a conscious start to the day

If you want to start the day stress-free, I can only recommend you to develop your personal healthy morning routine. Maybe my morning routine and the tips to start the day healthy and relaxed will inspire you.

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The early bird catches the worm! It feels like the Obamas are jogging in the middle of the night and every successful entrepreneur is apparently active in the morning. At the moment I am reading the book “Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less” and it also praises the morning routine. Those who plan their mornings consciously set the course for a good day - as far as theory

From my personal experience, however, I can absolutely subscribe to that. What I could never have imagined as a student: I now love getting up early - preferably around 6 - and really having time for my healthy morning routine. The city is sleeping, there is a very special atmosphere and I consciously take time for myself and my personal check-in in the morning.By the way, you can find seven tips on the subject of self-love at aok-erleben.de.

Have you perhaps had similar experiences? Do you have a morning routine? Or maybe a little ritual you have come to love like coffee with your sweetheart before you leave for your job? I would love to hear about your morning routine in the comments.

My way to the morning routine

I still remember the time when I started establishing a healthy morning routine. At that time I was still employed in consulting and had to leave the house shortly after 8. At that time, I was just doing my Kundalini yoga teacher training and as homework we should do a yoga set and mediation for 40 days - preferably in the morning. And phew, that was quite a challenge at the beginning! At some point, such a morning routine then becomes your own, very individual practice. Because that's what it's all about: doing it and not optimizing the theoretical thing :)

Today my healthy morning routine - sometimes more detailed, sometimes totally slimmed down - is part of my everyday life like brushing my teeth. Because I am more with myself and have the feeling of being the active creator of my day. Instead of reacting to external impulses all day, I check in with myself in the morning and consciously decide which direction I want to run. Believe me: that's just good!

What I am currently doing in the morning

The linchpin of my morning routine are my Kundalini yoga and meditation practice.

  1. After getting up, I quickly set up my feel-good place for my morning practice in the living room: I put my yoga stuff and essential oils ready and choose a suitable diffuser mixture depending on my mood. I also prepare a large glass of water with lemon essential oil, which is much better for me personally than the equivalent with lemon juice.
  2. Then I brush my teeth and hop in the shower. I take a short and ice cold shower! This is an overcoming especially in winter, but believe me, you get used to it and it not only makes me wonderfully fresh, it actually makes me feel like a different person.
  3. Get on your skin: first sit down and arrive. Then I turn on my morning music and use my essential oils. When I have a little more time, I like to draw oracle cards (this is my current favorite). As soon as I'm ready, I get in the mood and do my Kundalini Yoga Set including a short deep relaxation and an 11-minute meditation. This takes a total of 30 minutes.
  4. Tidy up briefly, move if necessary and go for a walk with Carli (and a large tea).
  5. As soon as I'm back, I prepare a matcha latte or almond milk cappuccino, sit down at the desk and the day can come!

Setbacks are part of it ... who's perfect;)

By the way: I also let my healthy morning routine slip again sometimes. If it hits me and I just hang out for a week. When we are on vacation or when it got longer in the evening. But every time I notice that I am simply missing something if I don't take time for myself in the morning to consciously start the day.

My trick in this context is not to undertake too much and make the morning routine modular. Like a treasure chest from which you can take whatever is good for you. This is how I get into doing, even when the to-do list is calling my name and I have the feeling that I have no time at all.

Three tips for a conscious start to the day

One thing in advance: You can get countless suggestions for a healthy morning routine on the Internet. Ultimately, however, it is about your individual well-being and that you adapt YOUR routine to YOUR needs. Perhaps that means for you that in the morning before the day starts running, you first sit down on the terrace with a tea or a cup of coffee and let your thoughts wander. Or make a few sun greetings. Or go for a walk in the forest and then prepare a lovely breakfast for yourself. Or reading the news in bed. We're all different and that's okay too.

Just think about it: what would be good for you? Three tips to get started:

  1. Make your morning routine a highlight so that you can look forward to it before you even get up. Create for you z. B. your personal feel-good place. Believe me, when the alarm goes off in the morning, it is a completely different feeling to know “now I have time for myself and these morning sessions are extremely valuable” instead of hanging out in daily business.
  2. Don't do too much and just get started! Ideally, you decide on the first version of your personal morning routine and then switch directly to autopilot. When you no longer have to decide whether to get up or not, whether to meditate and do yoga or not, but just do it, it's so much easier. Promised!
  3. Unfortunately true: the good start to the day actually begins with the good evening routine. Go to bed early enough and get enough sleep. Otherwise you are groggy in the morning and the morning routine only helps to a limited extent. Take a look at the AOK Hessen website on the subject of sleeping: There you will find tips on the subject of sleeping and how much sleep is actually healthy.

Additional benefit: The start of the day can already determine how the rest of your day goes. If you're getting up on the wrong foot (and in a bad mood), your morning routine can help you turn the tide and still make the most of the day. At least for me, the world often looks different afterwards. Makes all the difference!

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