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From the library to the classroom, students and academics do better with Nebo.

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Notes with better performance

Nebo combines the educational advantages of handwritten writing with the performance and versatility of digital content.

Take notes smarter

Write, enter, dictate, illustrate: with Nebo you can create rich content in 66 languages. You can even combine English and a second language on the same page.

Natural editing

Don't interrupt your flow if you make a mistake or revise a thought - use Nebo's intuitive gestures to cross out mistakes, highlight phrases, add spaces and much more.

No more copying

Don't waste time typing again: With Nebo, you can convert handwriting accurately into typed text with just a few taps.

Use Nebo's smart objects to create diagrams and math expressions by hand, then convert them into perfect shapes and input calculations.

Smarter solutions

Nebo's freehand form page offers new possibilities for fast data entry and creative brainstorming.

Create more freely

Use a zoomable workspace that expands with your content - perfect for project planning, brainstorming or sketching ideas.

Work faster

Benefit from quick, unstructured note-taking in lectures and discussions. Write and draw freely anywhere on the page - you'll never miss a thing.

Easily reuse content

Copy freehand content onto a regular Nebo page for reuse. Text, charts, and math expressions remain convertible and are automatically converted when pasted into another app.

Do you work with course materials and worksheets? Import any PDF, .docx or .pptx file into Nebo, mark it by hand and then export it as a PDF with all the annotations.

Better content control

When you're done with your notes, Nebo offers powerful options for organizing and sharing your work.

Instant sharing

Do you need feedback from your study group? Export notes to a Word, PDF, HTML, or text file, copy content to other apps, or publish your work with a private URL.

Synchronize with ease

Keep your notes up to date and access them from anywhere by syncing your library with iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Organize without paper

Organize your notes digitally for maximum efficiency. With Nebo, you can color-code your notepads and organize them into collections that you can drag and drop to organize.

When you need to share notes in a rush, copy and paste the required content into a messaging app. Your handwritten text and diagrams will be automatically converted to typed text and perfect shapes!

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