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USA - What Hitler's great-nephew in the USA thinks of Trump, Merkel and his dictator ancestor

What Hitler's great-nephew in the USA thinks of Trump, Merkel and his dictator ancestor

It's a relationship that you really can't be proud of. And yet of course there are people today who are related to the German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler (1889–1945).

Even if Hitler had no children himself, according to the Bild newspaper, several Hitler descendants live around the world:

  • Accordingly, there are, on the one hand, the three great nephews Alexander, Brian and Luis from Hitler's last male line. And two more distantly related descendants, but very little is known about them.
  • According to "Bild", the three great-nephews are not proud of their ancestor's legacy: they have English double names. Her father, William Patrick Hitler, had his last name changed after the Second World War. He was born in Great Britain, in 1939 he moved to the USA and fought with the Navy against the Kriegsmarine of Nazi Germany.

BILD among the last of Hitler's - Hitler's great-nephew loved a Jewish woman

- BILD (@BILD) October 8, 2018

For years, little was known about Hitler's descendants - now Alexander, the 68-year-old great-nephew of the German dictator, spoke to a reporter from the German tabloid in his home in New York State.

During the conversation, the head of the family of Hitler's descendants in the USA turns out to be a fan of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "I like her. She is good. She seems to be an intelligent and clever person. "

In Germany, Merkel has fallen into disrepute in some parts of society in the wake of the refugee crisis. Alexander, a descendant of the man who had a world war with an estimated 60 million dead and six million Holocaust victims on his conscience, supports the German Chancellor: "The Chancellor does what she has to do." And: if Alexander weren't a US citizen, Hitler's descendant would even vote for Merkel.

He thinks very differently about Trump:

The Hitler descendant doesn't think much of US President Trump: "He's definitely not one of my favorites." The staunch Republican cannot support the policies of party comrade Trump - this is probably also due to his special relationship to the truth: “It's his way that bothers me. And: I just don't like liars. "

The curse of the surname plagues Alexander and his brothers, who by the way slammed the front door in front of the reporter's nose and turned on the garden sprinklers.

Tuesday's “Bild” said that a brother of Alexander's relationship with a Jewish woman failed. Because of his relationship to Adolf Hitler. The three brothers are still single and childless.

Alexander has nothing good to say about the former German dictator; his father William had already quarreled with Adolf Hitler during his lifetime. The Nazi dictator is said to have described William Patrick Hitler, who emigrated to the USA and turned against Adolf Hitler, as "disgusting". Alexander says of his father, the Hitlerite enemy: "My father was a good man."

The last descendants of Adolf Hitler want nothing more to do with the National Socialists. If Hitler's descendant hears about the right-wing populist AfD, he can only roll his eyes.

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Image impressions from Hitler's birthplace Braunau: