How do I come up with the idea of ​​a restaurant name

No more worrying about restaurant names

“What should he / she be called?” Is a question that parents-to-be constantly have to get rid of. Finding a name is a challenge because the name can affect the child's life. But what if your own baby is not an infant, but a restaurant?
Even then, the name finding should be carefully considered, because the restaurant name is a decisive factor in guest acquisition. Of course, it makes a difference whether you're targeting hipsters in their 20s or seniors for a wreath.

So that you can find a suitable restaurant name, we have put together a few tips and tools for you:

Find the right restaurant name - the most compact figurehead

With the name of a restaurant you have a certain duty. You fill one with the name unwritten contract with your guests. Because while “Antonios Ristorante” is a great title for the Italian cuisine of the head chef Antonio, we would rather wonder about traditional Greek cuisine there. The culinary orientation of your restaurant in particular can be an important indicator for you, whether your name should convey Caribbean flair, Mediterranean healthy dishes or rather classic German cuisine.

Because that's exactly your restaurant name, a medium. The name must have clear, communicative aspects as well as your facility and your cards. When you look into your restaurant, your guests shouldn't have to wonder what to expect.

A name that is magical

The name is with Guest marketing even more important, because for many (potential) guests it is the first contact with your gastro and becomes even more essential if you are gladly recommended. Meaningful, unique (at least in your city / area) and memorable so the name should be.

And while all of these aspects make a nice interface between restaurant and marketing, this is still not really practical help. Creativity in particular always flourishes when it is steered on the right track with gentle restrictions. You will know for yourself that the statement “Make a delicious, crunchy salad with a fresh note!” Triggers more ideas than “I want to eat something!”. But how do you find this impetus when choosing a name?

Support in finding a name

Especially when it comes to getting creative, we are often stuck in stuck thinking patterns. We literally cannot think outside the box. It can therefore be helpful to seek help with finding a name. You can do this in the form of Friends and family or professional consultants and agenciesn avail. But you can too machine get help with the name search.

Machine thinking and machine learning are two terms that have now also arrived in design. Popular, because they are already established, examples of this are design kits for your own website. After all, today you don't have to be able to write html any more - it is completely sufficient if you fill in a few fields and upload images. The algorithm then takes over the design implementation.

It can work in a very similar way with logos and names; there are special tools for this. Of course, you can also enter their entries as simple ones Food for thought understand and see if you can still humanly optimize the name.

Namnium: It all depends on the syllable

We present three of these tools to you here, along with their advantages. The first is this website is one Name Changer. The names here are reminiscent of startups, because the generator appends different endings to the name. This gives you a compact list that you can simply look through. Prefixes are also possible and you can choose whether you want to address an international or German audience.

Namelix: Restaurant name and logo at the push of a button

The page provides you with a slightly different tool, because here you enter different keywords and Namelix will then spit out finished logos and names. You can also save your favorites and try several times. Typing works better with English keywords. TheBut names are international, young, stylish and sound like a delicious app.

You should give this a try, especially with a young target audience. This app also helps you to think outside of the familiar brainstorming session. Finding the right restaurant name can sometimes lead you down a creative cul-de-sac. Namelix can lead you out of here.

Logojoy: A logo to match your name

Do you already have a name and are still looking for that matching logo, Logojoy could be the right place for you. Be it just to show a human designer what you like. Here you enter the company name and industry and choose your favorites from a selection of logos and colors. The algorithm on then makes suggestions based on a few symbols. However, you have to log in via Twitter, Facebook or Google. Otherwise, Logojoy is above all a good insight into the creative process of logo design. You have a little more influence on the final design.

Logojoy can be a good first port of call to inspire you with name and logo searches. A individual implementation you can have it professionally implemented based on this. Designen and are a creative solution for this. Based on your design ideas, you can have one on both sides competition advertise - and in the end you decide on the best logo from numerous designers.

Which of these tools you ultimately use to find a name is up to you. The three presented pages all combine very fun interfaces with profound algorithms. This is also great for simply having the To clear your head for new ideas.

Out of the conceptual dead end

If you don't want your restaurant to be a Ratskeller, Roma, Asia or acropolis (which ends in the most popular restaurant names of the respective kitchens in terms of quantity), then some creativity is required.

And because we otherwise rely on apps to support us in so many areas of our daily life, why not also help us find a name? In creative processes in particular, we are all often stuck in dead ends and without it right impetus not further. The tools presented here are just the thing for simply clearing your mind. You can browse through machine suggestions and see which direction it should go. This is an important milestone for your restaurant opening.

Otherwise you can easily find a restaurant name if you stick to the most popular names: "Asia Ratskeller Akropolis - international and uninspired".