What are today's mortgage rates

Mortgage rates

A loan, which is secured by the entry of a land register right in the form of a mortgage or land charge, is called Mortgage loan designated.

How high the mortgage interest will be depends on a variety of factors

The associated interest rate for the granted home loan is the mortgage rate or the mortgage rate. The mortgage interest is also entered in the land register on the basis of the provisions of the BGB.

The calculation of mortgage interest is based on several factors. Object-related and person-related characteristics of the loan are included here.

The mortgage rate itself is one Borrowing rate. It is charged purely for the provision of the capital, but does not yet conclusively describe the total loan costs.

The borrower may incur additional costs such as commitment interest or account management fees. These are shown in the effective loan interest.

Determination of the mortgage interest

How high the mortgage interest will be depends on a wide variety of factors:

  • The current market situation has a strong influence on today's interest rate. If the key interest rate is high, borrowers have to pay a lot of money for the loan and vice versa.
  • Because mortgage loans are long-term, inflation also plays a role in determining the interest rate.
  • The longer the term of the loan, the lower the annual interest rates. At the same time, the absolute interest payments to be made increase.
  • In addition to the general market situation, the borrower's personal creditworthiness is the most important factor for the level of mortgage interest rates. The more secure the repayment is for the bank, the lower the mortgage rate will be.

Fixed interest phase of mortgage rates

Mortgage rates can be agreed as both fixed and variable rates. In practice, however, it is common to use the Lock in mortgage rates for 5 to 20 years. Above all, the borrower benefits from the planning security, but pays a small premium on today's market rates.

Mortgage Interest Explanation & Definition - Summary

  • Mortgage interest is paid to the bank by the borrower for a mortgage loan
  • Usually it is a real estate loan
  • The mortgage interest is entered in the land register of the property
  • The interest rate is largely determined by the market level and the personal creditworthiness of the debtor