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Modern industrial automation: industrial robots conquer production

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Robot technology is a highly innovation-driven, complex field that requires full concentration and a high level of knowledge from our employees. Targeted teaching units give you a basic understanding of technology and provide information about the latest programming trends and robot models. In addition, a good spatial imagination facilitates the conception phase and helps employees to integrate the robots into an existing production facility.

Basically, SMRE uses two methods for robot programming: offline programming and online programming. With offline programming, the simulation does not take place on the robot itself, but rather virtually. The programming is controlled by an external computer with the help of special software. Online programming, on the other hand, takes place directly on the industrial robot. In advance, a further quality check initiates the elimination of the last sources of error and enables final optimization measures before the configuration.

Regardless of whether customers are looking for a new robot for their production or are planning the optimization of an existing program structure - our experts develop the best robot controller for every requirement. Documentation of programming and commissioning is used to provide evidence.